Our Staff

This September 2021 there were 212 pupils enrolled in Glebe National School. On staff we have an Administrative Principal, 8 Mainstream Teachers, 4 full-time special education teachers, 2 full-time and 1 part-time Special Needs Assistants and a school secretary. We have a wonderful staff and you can be assured of our full co-operation and commitment at all times.

Let me introduce our staff members and should you have any query or concerns at any time please feel free to come and talk to us.

(Picture taken 2021)

Back Row from left to right:
Ms. Jane Power; Mrs. Wendy O’Donoghue; Mrs Grainne Mannion; Mr David Henderson; Mr. Philip Thompson; Mrs. Aline Atkinson; Ms. Leanne Bryan; Mrs Corinna Collins; Mrs. Joy Myler

Front Row from left to right: Ms. Amanda Vogan; Ms. Jennie Morrison; Mrs. Mary Corkish; Ms. Sandra Bryan; Mrs. Orla Gregan; Mrs. Jane Evans; Mrs. Valerie Carson; Ms. Cheryl Marry

Our Current Staff 2021

  • Principal – Ms. Sandra Bryan
  • Junior Infants – Mrs. Orla Gregan (Deputy Principal)
  • Senior Infants – Mrs. Joy Myler
  • First class – Ms. Jane Power
  • Second class – Ms. Amanda Vogan
  • Third class – Ms. Leanne Bryan
  • Fourth class – Mrs. Aline Atkinson
  • Fifth class – Mr. David Henderson
  • Sixth class – Ms. Jennie Morrison

  • Special Education Teachers
    • Mrs. Wendy O’Donoghue
    • Mrs. Valerie Carson
    • Ms. Jane Evans
    • Mr. Philip Thompson
    • Ms. Emma Ryan (CLASS)
  • Special Needs Assistant
    • Grainne Mannion
    • Cheryl Marry
    • Corinna Collins
  • School Secretary – Mrs. Mary Corkish
  • School Cleaner – Ms. Anne O’Connor
  • Caretaker – Peter Galligan
  • Music Teacher – Mr. James Dunne

Educational Assessment

An Educational Psychologist is available annually to carry out Educational Assessments on children who we believe are not making reasonable progress. Parents are consulted and permission is always sought before this is done.

Special Education Needs:

Should your child have Special Education Needs he/she may qualify for daily support and extra help from our special education team. Early identification of learning difficulties is crucial in their remediation. All children are regularly screened through the administration of standardised and observational tests. Parental consultation and support is a vital aspect of our learning support programme.

We hope your child’s years spent in The Glebe School will be extremely happy and will help him/her to grow in all that is positive and good.