Junior Infants

  • We are learning about animals and their babies.
  • We got our vaccinations
  • We watched the digger outside our classroom!!!


Senior Infants

  • We are having a mother and baby visit.
  • We are learning about rockets and planets and space.


1st Class

  • We have made a space book and have done some space paintings.
  • We did our assembly about the creation story.


2nd Class

  • We are looking at water and how important it is.
  • We have done experiments with floating and sinking and freezing different liquids.


3rd Class

  • We are starting paired reading with 6th class.
  • Some 3rd class pupils have joined the school athletics club.


4th Class

  • We have made clay pots in art.
  • We are starting paired reading with 1st class.


5th Class

  • Lots of children in 5th are going to Ovoca Manor on an Adventure club camp on Jan 24th.
  • We are taking part in the Credit Union Quiz on Jan 31st.
  • We looked at Kandinsky in art and 2D shapes.


6th Class

  • We are enjoying our hockey lessons each week in EGS with the Transition years.
  • We are looking forward to Ovoca Manor camp and the Credit Union Quiz.
  • We will be starting shared reading with 3rd class shortly.
  • We were learning about the Irish Famine and Marie Curie.
  • We enjoyed drawing portraits of each other in Art.