School Philosophy

Glebe National School has a vision of all our children leaving our school with a well – rounded basic education and strong moral values, enabling them to function in society and to benefit from further education. We want our children to have a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem, to be happy and content with a positive attitude to school.
Our school seeks to give equal opportunity to all children to reach their full potential – academically, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally. We endeavour to achieve this goal in a climate of positive co-operation, supported by the entire school community of pupils, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians, Board of Management and Parish. The staff of the Glebe school seek actively, through word and action, to create a happy climate of physical, emotional, social and intellectual security for students, staff and parents/guardians. In this way teaching can take place within the context of mutual valuing and respecting relationships. The teachers of the Glebe School see education not just as providing students with knowledge and skills but also as providing for, all round development of the individual.

  • We strive to develop independence in our students together with the ability to self evaluate, self motivate and internalise discipline.
  • We want our students to be happy with themselves, others and their world.
  • We want our pupils to enjoy school.
  • We endeavour to achieve quality in all we do.

These aspirations can only be achieved through the co-operation of students, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians, Board of Management and Parish.

We believe each child has a unique and special contribution to make.

We believe every child matters.

Our Ethos

The Glebe School is committed to an inclusive ethos, where all children are equally valued and respected in a supportive school climate. Varied cultural backgrounds are nurtured and valued. It is the belief of the school that its ethos is a critical factor in establishing and maintaining strong moral values and high standards of behaviour. There are strong links with the local parish church and through the ethos of the school, moral values, consistent with the Christian faith, are promoted and nurtured.