Introducing Glebe’s Student Council

The student council is composed of 2 representatives each from 2nd to 6th classes. The student council representatives are the voice of the student in the school. They liaise with their classmates and collect ideas and suggestions, and discuss these in monthly meetings. 

The children become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school staff for the benefit of the school and the students. They take their responsibilities very seriously and have shown great enthusiasm and creativity.

“Student Council is to make the school a better place and to find out what people like to do.”- Ryan, 6th Class

“Student council is an organisation that is made up of children. We discuss what is good and bad in the school from a student’s point of view”- Zoe, 6th Class

“We talk about making the school better. We also have fun in the meetings.” – Kate, 5th Class

“Student Council is about helping the school and pupils. The Student Council is about making the school a better place.” Abby, 4th Class

“The Student Council makes ideas for the school to become a better place. Student Council create poster competitions for the school” Charlie, 4th Class

“Student Council is about talking about how to help our school. Student council is to make our school healthier” Olivia, 3rd Class

“Student council is about good ideas and getting equipment” Andrew, 3rd Class

“Student Council helps the school. We talk.” Joshua, 2nd Class

“The Student Council is very good. We find out what kids would like instead of guessing. Kids working together- I love it” Rosie, 2nd Class