Junior Infants

  • The Gardaí came to visit us. We all dressed up for red day.
  • We learnt all about the hedgehog.
  • We finished our very first class reader and “The Enchanted wood”.


Senior Infants

  • We wrote a book about “The little red hen”.
  • We did a pirate project and made our own treasure maps and pirate grog.


1st Class
The Gardaí visited our class and talked to us about bullying.


2nd Class
We have been looking at different types of spring flowers and have made our own in art.


3rd Class
We have been enjoying our shared reading with 6th class.


4th Class
We are doing a project on China and the Chinese New Year.


5th Class

  • 5th class have been working hard to save energy as part of the Green schools campaign.
  • We also plan to learn about renewable sources of energy.


6th Class

  • 6th class are enjoying studying their new Novel “Holes” by Louis Sachar.
  • We enjoyed running a Valentines Disco for 4th-6th class.
  • We have been learning all about World War 2 in History.